Keysight Rent-to-Own

Rent now. Decide later.

Test equipment needs do not always align with available budgets and new expense approval cycles. The Keysight Rent-to-Own program gives you the option to meet test requirements today while retaining financial flexibility for tomorrow. Use OpEx to meet your urgent time-to-market windows, with a great option for future ownership.

Why Rent-to-Own?

  • Extend purchasing power. Migrate to new technologies despite limited CapEx budget.
  • Balance uncertainties. Meet capacity expansion or early stage test requirements while project needs and budgets are under review.
  • Manage budgets. Retain financial flexibility for future ownership.

Why Keysight Rent-to-Own?

  • Get instrument performance now. Fixed 5% rental rate for all eligible equipment.
  • Single point of collaboration. Keysight managed, administered by rental partners.
  • Technology flexibility. Choose from a broad selection of Keysight products.
  • Minimize budget impact. 70% of rental payments credited on buyout.

What suits your needs best?

Keysight Rent-to-OwnUpfront purchase
Asset ownership With optional buyout Ownership at delivery
Transaction terms Min. 6 months, max. 28 months; monthly extensions; optional buyout anytime after 6 months Within 30 days
Payment terms 5% of list per month; 70% of rental credited on buyout (after month 28, buyout at 2% of list) Net price
Customer budget OpEx (for rent) / CapEx (for buyout) CapEx
Maintenance Keysight warranty included Keysight warranty included; other services can be added
End of term Buyout, extend, or return Not applicable

Geographic availability

Available in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe (except Russia), Middle East, Africa.

Got any questions?

"You need a certain solution right now, but are not ready to buy. We provide the flexibility needed to make the best decision for your business."

Dr. Niels Faché Keysight Technologies
General Manager