Keysight Lease

Access leading technologies. Manage budgets.

Technology complexities are rising, while capital budgets are shrinking. Keysight Lease provides access to leading test technologies with a financing plan to balance technology, time, and cost. Manage your budgets and keep pace with evolving technologies by leveraging flexibility to refresh leased assets.

Why lease?

  • Access leading technologies despite limited CapEx budget.
  • Keep pace with evolving technologies while balancing business uncertainties.
  • Manage budgets by balancing OpEx and CapEx.

Why lease with Keysight?

  • Access to widest portfolio of Keysight products, directly from the OEM.
  • Reduce risk of technology obsolescence through technology refresh.
  • Work with the same Keysight expert to find a suitable solution for your technology as well as budget management needs.

What suits your needs best?

Keysight LeaseUpfront purchase
Asset ownership With optional buyout Ownership at delivery
Transaction terms Initial terms of 18, 24, 36 months; monthly extensions Within 30 days
Payment terms Monthly lease rate; depending on duration Net price
Customer budget OpEx CapEx
Maintenance Keysight warranty included; calibration services can be added to the monthly plan Keysight warranty included; other services can be added
End of term Technology refresh, extend, return, or buyout Not applicable

Geographic availability

Available in United States and Canada.

Got any questions?

"We provide operating leases as an alternative to upfront acquisition, so you can free up capital and invest in other business areas."

Vijay Chitnis Keysight Technologies
Financial Services Program Manager