Keysight Financial Services

Optimize operational flexibility. Improve efficiency.

Keysight Financial Services offers a suite of comprehensive financial solutions, which address the different operational and financial requirements you have. This complements Keysight's deep understanding of your industry's test and measurement needs. Leverage these offerings to optimize return on deployed assets and make the most of your operational and capital budgets.

Which one is right for you?

Keysight Instant BuyKeysight Rent-to-OwnKeysight Lease
Asset ownership Upon final payment With optional buyout With optional buyout
Transaction terms 12 or 18 months 6 – 28 months; monthly extensions; buyout anytime after 6 months 18, 24, 36 months; monthly extensions
Payment terms Monthly payments at 0% interest 5% of list per month (70% credited on buyout) Monthly lease rate; depending on duration
Customer budget CapEx OpEx (for rent) / CapEx (for buyout) OpEx
Payment upon delivery First month’s installment First month’s rent First month's lease payment
Maintenance Keysight warranty included; other services can be added Keysight warranty included Keysight warranty included; other services can be added
End of term Not applicable Buyout, extend, or return Technology refresh, extend, return, or buyout
Geographic availability US, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, UK US, Canada, Mexico, Europe (except Russia), Middle East, Africa. United States

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"Let's explore how you can optimize operational and budget flexibilities and improve efficiency by taking advantage of our financial programs.

Dr. Niels Faché Keysight Technologies
General Manager